Radiology Rounds – 8/30/22

Time for another #RadiologyRounds! This case is authored by PulmPEEPs associate editor @TessLitchman. Great teaching ahead!

Trick question (sorry)! All of these features are present.

A bronchoscopy was performed and the patient was diagnosed with PCP. Additional testing confirmed a new diagnosis of HIV.

This patient was treated with high-dose Bactrim and IV steroids, in addition to being started on ART.

Radiology Rounds – 7/12/22

Time for another #RadiologyRounds!! This week we’re looking at the coronal CT scan views, which can be extremely helpful and are often under-utilized. Follow us on Twitter to work through Radiology Rounds cases as they come out.

Our patient had an elevated VEGF-D level, a renal angiomyolipoma identified on CT abdomen, and imaging with diffuse cystic lung disease confirming her diagnosis of LAM. Make sure to check out the ICUOnePager made by Dr. Nick Mark.