Fellows’ Case Files

Our Fellows’ Case Files series is the newest addition within the Pulm PEEPs broader mission to engage learners and practitioners in pulmonary and critical care education. In each episode in this series, a current pulmonary and critical care fellow comes on the show with their program director to share a high-yield case and learning points.


The mission of Fellows’ Case Files is threefold:

  1. To provide pulmonary fellows with a platform to share educational materials and obtain recognition for both their clinical acumen and teaching skills. We want to amplify the voices of all fellows and recognize their outstanding work.
  2. To connect with fellows and program directors from around the country to build a diverse and dedicated network of pulmonary and critical care medical educators.
  3. To share cases from around the country so that learners can hear about patient stories and disease processes that they may otherwise not experience

Fellows’ Case Files Episodes:

Dr. Fahid Alghanim, Fellow
Dr. Van Holden, Program Director

Dr. Robin Stiller, Fellow
Dr. Başak Çoruh, Program Director

Dr. Benjamin Moss, Fellow
Dr. Philip Alapat, Program Director

Dr. Brian Rosenberg, Fellow
Dr. Asha Anandaiah, Program Director

Dr. Meredith Sloan, Fellow
Dr. Jessie Harvey, Program Director
Dr. Kevin Kinloch, Fellow

Dr. Kashi Goyal, Fellow
Dr. Avi Cooper, Program Director
Dr. Lynn Fussner, Faculty Expert

Dr. Mohamad Bitar, Fellow
Dr. Deepa Gotur, Program Director

Dr. Parth Savsani, Resident
Dr. Laura Hinkle, Program Director

Dr. Lauren Kearney, Fellow

Episode 48: Fellows’ Case Files: Boston University

Dr. Katie Steiling,
Expert Consultant
Dr. Chris Reardon, Program Director

Dr. Rachel Wojcik, Fellow
Dr. Stephanie Maximous, Assistant Program Director