65. Rapid Fire Journal Club 6 – SARCORT Trial

Today we’re continuing our Rapid Fire Journal Club series. We’ve mainly been discussing landmark trials, but today we’re delving into a new study with interesting findings that are applicable to a common presentation in pulmonary medicine: treatment naive sarcoidosis. We’re discussing the SARCORT trial published in the European Respiratory Journal in 2023. This study evaluated a high vs low dose steroid trial in patients with sarcoidosis. Pulm PEEPs Associate Editor Luke Hedrick walks us through the study.

Article and Reference

Today we’re discussing the 2023 SARCORT Trial published in the European Respiratory Journal.

Reference: Dhooria S, Sehgal IS, Agarwal R, Muthu V, Prasad KT, Dogra P, Debi U, Garg M, Bal A, Gupta N, Aggarwal AN. High-dose (40 mg) versus low-dose (20 mg) prednisolone for treating sarcoidosis: a randomised trial (SARCORT trial). Eur Respir J. 2023 Sep 9;62(3):2300198. doi: 10.1183/13993003.00198-2023. PMID: 37690784.


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