1. Meet the PEEPs!

We are excited to introduce Pulm PEEPs to the world! Our mission is to provide learners of all levels with multiple formats to engage in pulmonary and critical care education that you can access anytime. In addition to podcast episodes, we will be sharing helpful infographics and guides to shed light on topics throughout pulmonary and critical care from the bread-and-butter to the esoteric and complex. We will be gathering insights from world experts in the hope to share their knowledge and make it accessible for all. This is only the beginning and please join us each step of the way!

In this introductory episdoe you get to meet the PEEPs!

Kristina “Monty” Montemayor and Dave “Furf” Furfaro are the Co-Founders of Pulm PEEPs. They first met during residency at Johns Hopkins and share a love for medical education and all topics pulmonary and critical care related.

Ansa Razzaq is a Chief Resident in the internal medicine residency at New York-Presbyterian Hospital / Columbia University. She is interested in medical education and pulmonary and critical care medicine. She’ll be bringing amazing cases and helping us work through them from presentation to treatment.