72. PulmPEEPs and ATS Critical Care Assembly: A New Reality for Critical Care after Dobbs

Welcome to our first episode of ATS 2024 highlighting content featured through the ATS Critical Care Assembly. Today we are going to be talking about one of the Critical Care Assembly Symposiums entitled: “A New Reality for Critical Care after Dobbs.”

Meet our Guests

Dr. Katie Hauschildt is a Faculty Research Associate at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine where she conducts research on equity in healthcare and critical illness recovery. She has her PhD in Sociology from the University of Michigan and an Advanced Fellowship in Health Services Research from the VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System, and is a board certified patient advocate.

Dr. Kathleen Akgün is an Associate Profess or Medicine at the Yale School of Medicine. She is the Association Section Chief for the VA section of Pulmonary, the Co-Director of the Network of Dedicated Enrollment Sites Program, the director of the MICU at the VA Connecticut health care system, and a member of the DEI Working Group at Yale.

Meet our Collaborators

The American Thoracic Society Critical Care Assembly is the largest Assembly in the American Thoracic Society. Their members include a diverse group of intensivists and care providers for both adult and pediatric critically ill patients. The primary goal of the Critical Care Assembly is to “improve the care of the critically ill through education, research, and professional development.”

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