45. Meet the Glaucomfleckens

We are so excited to be joined today by the Glaucomfleckens. Listen today as we meet Kristin Flannary or Lady Glaucomflecken as well as Will Flanary better known as Dr. Glaucomflecken.

Learn about the history behind the Glaucomflecken name, the inspiration for Glaucomflecken videos as well as the advocacy work they are doing. Make sure to also check out their new podcast, Knock, Knock, Hi!

Meet our Guests

Kristin Flannary completed her undergraduate work at Texas Tech University and obtained a graduate degree from Dartmouth after training in cognitive neuroscience and social psychology. She has worked as an advocate and educator for survivors of critical illness, and for the families and partners of survivors. She co-founded Glaucomflecken with Will and has received multiple awards for her work in resuscitation science, including the AHA 2022 Resuscitation Champion award.

Will Flannary completed his undergraduate at Texas Tech University, and his MD at Dartmouth. He completed his residency in ophthalmology at the University of Iowa, and currently is an Ophthalmologist at EyeHealth Northwest in Portland, Oregon. During his education and training he was diagnosed with testicular cancer, a recurrence, and then suffered a cardiac arrest, for which Kristin, quickly acted. After surviving all of this with tenacity and a strong sense of humor, he has transformed his hilarity into multiple successful comedic initiatives about medical training